Picture Pawfect Groomers is a home based Dog Grooming Salon offering a variety of treatments to ensure that your dog is in prime condition. This includes a K9 Hydro-bath which is proven to benefit skin and circulation and has even been found to be beneficial to Arthritis sufferers in older dogs. It is also pleasurable for your dog given them a theraputic massage.

You can rest assured your dog will be treated in a kind, professional manner at all times, with the one to one attention he/she deserves.

The benefits of regular grooming are immense. Apart from the obvious, that your dog will look and smell better, there are a whole host of other benefits to regular grooming, including regular skin check ups. Groomers are usually amongst the first to notice skin conditions, lumps, cysts, warts or any other skin conditions that could be fatal if left unchecked. This is because, when they are brushing, washing and drying the dog, they cover the entire body, so they are more likely to pick up on something that the owner may not necessarily have seen.

Ear infections can be spotted early with regular appointments as ear cleaning is part of the grooming process.

Dogs that are totally matted, where the owner doesn't have the time, the knowledge or isn't capable of regularly brushing their dog, truly benefit from salon visits as they can be clipped or trimmed to a length that the owner finds easier to maintain. I am always happy to offer advice about brushing your dog.